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Thanksgiving Photo Booth

“Gobble, gobble… Happy thanksgiving!”

First and foremost I would like to say thank you. Thank you to all of those whom subscribe and engage within the site. I truly appreciate your interest and commitment to me.

This thanksgiving I thought it would be cool to start a new tradition with my family, creating an at home photo-booth. This was one of the best ideas because it allowed us to have a true great time creating life long memories as well. These are few of several I thought I would share with you all during this holiday season.

Enjoy the slideshow.

PS: I hope you’re enjoying today as much as I am.

Stay Rad!


Casual Can Be Noteworthy


mcdougle111916 mcdougle111916-2

Turn a simple look into something fun and noteworthy!

Outfit Details
Sweater: H&M
Pants: The Gap
Jacket: 21Men



This weekend I made a trip home to visit my family. With that said I really only brought casual clothes because I had no expectations to go anywhere but stay in the house. However, with life you never know what happens and although I didn’t bring ‘outfits’ I did bring small things that would make all the difference.

Which is why I had to make a post about it. I really loved how the leather jacket and hat I’m wearing made my overall outfit look 2x better.

What do you think?

PS: This hat is my new favorite item! 🙂

Stay Rad.


Tuck’n Is The Question


mcdougle1182016-2 mcdougle1182016-3 mcdougle1182016-4

I battled with rather it should be tucked or un-tucked. Let’s just say I came to a compromise!

Outfit Details
Button-Up: The Gap
Pants: The Gap
Boots: Aldo Shoes
Cardigan: 21Men


You know that trend where people have one side of their shirt tucked in and the other not. Well here is my attempt at being fashion forward or some may say ‘fashion lazy’. To be honest I actually liked this look and while out and about it gave my overall look some edge.

Now I don’t know if people were looking at me because I looked weird with my shirt half tucked or because I made a fashion statement they appreciated. Either way I enjoyed trying this fashion statement out.

PS: There is always room to find a compromise, whether it is with your wardrobe or something else.

Stay Rad.


World Series: Bandwagon Much?


cubs33 cubs44 cubs55

Bandwagon or not, my fly is ‘flee’!

Outfit Details
Shirt: ASOS
Pants: Pacsun
Sneakers: New Balance
Watch: Michael Kors
Hat: 47Brand

Let’s be honest, if you had the Cubs hat you would wear it the day of and after they won the world series too.

Take a look at my OOTD. I really love the look especially the fact that my shoes complemented my shirt very well. With the accent of auburn on the bottom sole. Overall this outfit is urban and has a relaxed fit. Easy for one of those days when you’re aren’t to sure if you actually are doing anything.

I mean for me… Other than class I may have went to get my weekly Chipotle.

PS: In my opinion you can like something without being a fanatic.

Stay Rad.



Just A Guy On The Run


mcdougle11116-2 mcdougle11116-3 mcdougle11116-4

Who said you cant be stylish and on-the-go?

Outfit Details
Parka: The Gap
Shirt: Ralph Lauren (Polo)
Pants: Pacsun
Sneakers: Nike
Watch: Invicta
Bag: Coach

Here I can be seen wearing an orange pocket T-shirt complemented with a solid blue parka. I then wore khaki-colored denim pants, with some stylish sneakers following suit. The inspiration for this outfit came from wanting to be comfortable all while trekking across campus. My overall goals was to keep it simple; for the most part letting the shoes be the statement piece of the outfit.

In my opinion a jacket and sneakers can give you an effortless look, yet it can still be fashion forward. If you’re still looking for an additional add-on, throw on a  hat, grab a great bag and now you’re street-styling.

I challenge you to find a jacket and pair of sneakers, pairing the two together to make a fashion statement.

P.S. I’m actually modeling here, don’t you think?

Stay Rad.


Fall Outfit: Stan’n Over Leather


jonathanmcdougle10122016-2 jonathanmcdougle10122016-4 jonathanmcdougle10122016-5 jonathanmcdougle10122016-8

What better than wearing a leather jacket and shoes?

Outfit Details
Jacket & Top: 21Men
Pants: The Gap
Sneakers: Adidas
Watch: Michael Kors

Need to leave the house to run an errand or simply need some fresh air? One of my go-to items to help give a simple outfit some edge is a leather jacket. The one I’m wearing here is from Also I complemented the jacket with a pair of leather Stan Smith Adidas. Overall I love this outfit because it was effortless to put together and still allowed me to have a presence while among passersby.

P.S.  I really am happy it is layer season again.

Stay Rad.


Fall Outfit: Denim Craze


jonathanmcdougle10112016-5 jonathanmcdougle10112016-4 jonathanmcdougle10112016-2 jonathanmcdougle10112016jonathanmcdougle10112016-7

Denim on denim… I say yes.

Outfit Details
Top: HM
Jacket: The Gap
Pants: Levis
Sneaker: Puma’s

I’ve always wanted to wear all denim. But I never took the chance to actually attempt to pull it off. My reservations about it came mostly from not wanting to look ‘un-put-together’. However, I will say that I am happy that I finally took that chance and tried. To me this is a perfect fall outfit and I will definitely pull the denim on denim look out again because it’s so easy and minimal.

P.S.  The watch I’m wearing is Invicta; I purchased it off-season at a steal from Groupon.

Stay Rad!


Fall Outfit: Trip To A Pumpkin Patch!

Have you ever thought why we call Pumpkins what they are? Just a thought…

Outfit Details
Top: HM
Pants: The Gap
Watch: Michael Kors
Glasses: Dolce & Gabanna

It’s that time of year again; when you can finally be festive visiting your local pumpkin patch whilst taking mirthful photos holding said pumpkins. But when you go do go make sure you’re visiting with style. On my trip I decided to wear an olive green sweater. If you know me by now you should know that olive green is my go-to favorite color. I complemented the sweater with a tortoise horn watch and a sun shades that put my outfit over the top. I finished the outfit off with a brown fedora hat, and a bunch of orange pumpkins.

P.S.  The hat is vintage. Wish I could tell you where you could get one but I cant.

Stay Rad!


Fall Outfit: Robe’n The Town


mcdougle1092016-4 mcdougle1092016-5 mcdougle1092016-6

Fall is officially here and I could not be more excited to be able to comfortably wear layers again.

Outfit Details
Top: 21Men
Pants: The Gap
Sandals: Birkenstock’s
Shirt: PacSun

Wearing layers in the Fall is my utmost favorite thing because to me it is what fashion is all about. Layers allow me to take risk and really showcase my sense of style. Although I do consider myself a minimalist, I love to step out in a simple outfit. But I cant lie and say my closet isn’t filled with clothes that look amazing together. Everyone knows cardigans are my go to item and I couldn’t help but by this over-sized cardigan to complement my closet.  To complete the outfit I decided to wear my Birkenstock’s because although it is officially Fall, their is a bit of warm weather lingering.

P.S.  This over-sized T-shirt fit so well with my outfit and made me feel extra comfy.

I hope you enjoyed your Sunday. #FunDaySunday