East Carolina University Hands Up, Don’t Shoot!

ECU Hands Up Dont Shoot

Dear Reader,

Around the world rallying and protest have become the new normal. With the lack of an indictment in the Ferguson case regarding the gunning down of Michael Brown. And the complete disregard of the law in the trial involving Eric Garner being killed on video by a police officer. But it doesn’t just stop there, Missouri, New York, South Carolina and North Carolina are few of many states where individuals all unarmed died by the hands of a police officers.

There are a lot of opinions and emotions involved dealing with this epidemic and I respect all opinions to an extent. However its important to know the history revolving this conundrum, because police brutality and the gunning down of black people has always been an issue. May I remind you of the civil rights movement which occurred in the late ’50s through 1968, the evil exuded by the policemen was beyond horrendous. But in current day it is becoming more prevalent for today’s generation to see first hands the issues are brothers and sisters faced years ago. Parents fearing for the lives of their sons and daughters, wives perpetually awaiting the safe return of there husband and youth wondering why they’re not good enough.

One opinion based question that struck me the most of them all was “why can’t you do anything else other than protest and riot?”

I strongly feel that there’s not much one of color can do to be heard. Some say “infiltrating the system” by holding a position in it is the solution. But lets take into account something that so many people fail to realize still exist because they’re not affected by it. Racism, but in the context of “infiltrating the system” institutional racism. Institutional racism is defined as any system of inequality based on race. It can occur in institutions such as public government bodies, private business corporations (such as media outlets), and universities (public and private). Not only is it hard for people to find employment based on their race, in several instances people who are more than qualified experience institutional racism. Having their resumes thrown away or looked over even when they’re the best candidate for the job.

Do I agree with rioting no, but peaceful protest is a form of speech and symbolism which allows people to share emotion, demonstrating compassion and unity for a specific cause in a non violent matter.

Regardless of what people have to say about the protest throughout the country, and how some media outlets try twisting the positive into a negative as if every demonstration is a riot. I’m proud of the individuals that partook in the peaceful demonstration at East Carolina University focusing on the “injustices done on all levels under the 7 pillars of humanity: Sex, Race, Spirituality, Mind, Politics, Money, and Resources. While protesting these individuals shared compassion and unity during this time of tribulation our country faces.


To those unarmed who died at the hand of a police officer, you’re never forgotten. Rest in peace

-Jonathan McDougle xoxo

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