Bon voyage: Jonathan McDougle takes Europe


Everyone Loves Diamonds


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Sensible fashion is my favorite, and of course this has been a poor secret of mine that I have spoken frequently. I enjoy feeling comfortable throughout the day all while simultaneously feeling proud about what I decided to wear on that said day.

However, with all of that said some people find it hard to believe you can avoid compromising your fashion sense while dressing practical.

What I enjoy most about sensible fashion is that although the idea of it is to be practical, it does not restrict you from expressing who you are in the form of what you wear. An example of how you can still honor your fashion sense while staying committed to being comfortable would be similar to the pants I’m wearing. This fun diamond print allows me to bring character to my entire outfit, all while sporting an every day wear and comfortable pant. To complement these pants I paired them with a white essential long sleeve shirt and a black leather jacket, and let’s not forget the famous white Converse All Stars.

My fashion advice for today is to simply take a risk, you may enjoy what comes from it.

Let me know below how you tackle dressing sensible all while honoring your personal and unique style.




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I hope you all wont get tired of me wearing Olive. However, the truth on the matter is “a:Luv.e” it! I also love this blue button up I’ve had for some time now. But haven’t really found an urge to wear it, until now.


Top Of My Game



I’ve been on a small hiatus and I figured I would post my #OOTD as a supplement for the lack of post. The top coat I am wearing has really become a staple piece in my wardrobe, as I promised. And of course I’m wearing my favorite cognac Chelsea boots. Grey’s and browns are my go-to shades/colors this winter because they’re so easy to mix & match with the rest of my wardrobe.

I plan on posting more in the upcoming weeks. So please, keep a look out for more material from me in the near future!

Let me know your thought about my outfit in the comments.


Top of the League

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Top coats undoubtedly have become a staple piece, and trend for many fashionista/o’s this year. I believe it’s because the jacket can help give your complete look pizzazz. There are a plethora of different style top coats on the market, with a wide range of shades and colors to choose from including but not limited to: Camel, grey, black and blue. With all of that in mind I believe it is important to assure the jacket you purchase favors majority of your wardrobe.

I paired my top coat with an olive sweater and my favorite Chelsea boots. As you can see I favor earth tones, and this could be reflected by the rest of my wardrobe as well. Which is why I choose a neutral, achromatic colored coat.

I hoped this post helped make your decision in choosing the perfect top coat for you and your wardrobe.


It’s A Brick…. House!




Oh…. How this has become one of my favorite outfits. I think I love it so much because it speak the epitome of autumn, well to me at least. I know that may have sounded cliché however can you blame me? From the olive green cardigan all the way down to my Chelsea boots, I can’t help but appreciate the fall aesthetic I have created in this outfit. By the way I love how finished my Chelsea boots are beginning to look. The falling leaves laying on the asphalt also complement my boots which gave the outfit that flare it currently possesses.

My fashion advice today: “When styling an outfit choose a pair of shoes first, then style the rest of the outfit. I think you would be surprised to what you come up with.”



Back to Black


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As you can probably tell I am obsessed with overalls this season. I have a total of three pair now and feel as though you can never go wrong with them. Whenever I wear the fashion piece, people always say, “Overalls are for farmers.” This may be true although I think I look like a pretty fashionable one if I can say so myself. I decided to get a black pair of overalls due to the current trend for them. I’ve seen so many people wearing the black colored overalls that I figured why not. This is my rendition of the style and I hope you like how I pieced it together.

Tell me what you think below.


Serious & Fun = SERIFUN


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So I purchased this suit early June, with the intention to wear it throughout the summer. However my summer consisted of parlaying on the beach, non-stop travel and being a tourist. With all of that it was quite the task figuring out when and where I was going to actually put this “bad boy” to use.

The silver lining of the whole thing is it’s still summer and I’ve finally worn the trendy Khaki suit I have been obsessing over for the past few months. The greatest thing about this style suit is how conventional it can be throughout the year. Khaki suits can be worn in the spring, summer, fall and winter. However it’s all about how you wear it, be on the look out for new season trends because they change all the time.

There are three main ways you can dress a Khaki Suit, although fashion has no limits so please do not let these three confine you.

  • Preppy
  • Relaxed
  • Formal

How do you wear your khaki suit?


September IV: B-Day



In honor of none other than Beyonce and her birthday, I compiled a playlist of some of my favorite songs from the Queen B herself. Turning 34 this year, Beyonce is still managing to reached new height in the year 2015, as if that was a surprise. I can only imagine the impact she will leave on the world once she has completed her career.

I hope you enjoy these tracks as much as I do!