September IV: B-Day Playlist


Bon voyage: Jonathan McDougle takes Europe


Top of the League

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Top coats undoubtedly have become a staple piece, and trend for many fashionista/o’s this year. I believe it’s because the jacket can help give your complete look pizzazz. There are a plethora of different style top coats on the market, with a wide range of shades and colors to choose from including but not limited to: Camel, grey, black and blue. With all of that in mind I believe it is important to assure the jacket you purchase favors majority of your wardrobe.

I paired my top coat with an olive sweater and my favorite Chelsea boots. As you can see I favor earth tones, and this could be reflected by the rest of my wardrobe as well. Which is why I choose a neutral, achromatic colored coat.

I hoped this post helped make your decision in choosing the perfect top coat for you and your wardrobe.


It’s A Brick…. House!




Oh…. How this has become one of my favorite outfits. I think I love it so much because it speak the epitome of autumn, well to me at least. I know that may have sounded cliché however can you blame me? From the olive green cardigan all the way down to my Chelsea boots, I can’t help but appreciate the fall aesthetic I have created in this outfit. By the way I love how finished my Chelsea boots are beginning to look. The falling leaves laying on the asphalt also complement my boots which gave the outfit that flare it currently possesses.

My fashion advice today: “When styling an outfit choose a pair of shoes first, then style the rest of the outfit. I think you would be surprised to what you come up with.”



Back to Black


LoveLove3 love4

As you can probably tell I am obsessed with overalls this season. I have a total of three pair now and feel as though you can never go wrong with them. Whenever I wear the fashion piece, people always say, “Overalls are for farmers.” This may be true although I think I look like a pretty fashionable one if I can say so myself. I decided to get a black pair of overalls due to the current trend for them. I’ve seen so many people wearing the black colored overalls that I figured why not. This is my rendition of the style and I hope you like how I pieced it together.

Tell me what you think below.


Serious & Fun = SERIFUN


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So I purchased this suit early June, with the intention to wear it throughout the summer. However my summer consisted of parlaying on the beach, non-stop travel and being a tourist. With all of that it was quite the task figuring out when and where I was going to actually put this “bad boy” to use.

The silver lining of the whole thing is it’s still summer and I’ve finally worn the trendy Khaki suit I have been obsessing over for the past few months. The greatest thing about this style suit is how conventional it can be throughout the year. Khaki suits can be worn in the spring, summer, fall and winter. However it’s all about how you wear it, be on the look out for new season trends because they change all the time.

There are three main ways you can dress a Khaki Suit, although fashion has no limits so please do not let these three confine you.

  • Preppy
  • Relaxed
  • Formal

How do you wear your khaki suit?


September IV: B-Day



In honor of none other than Beyonce and her birthday, I compiled a playlist of some of my favorite songs from the Queen B herself. Turning 34 this year, Beyonce is still managing to reached new height in the year 2015, as if that was a surprise. I can only imagine the impact she will leave on the world once she has completed her career.

I hope you enjoy these tracks as much as I do!


Let’s not fall short


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Of course it’s still considered summer. But who says you cant get a head start on what I believe to be the best season of the entire year. Fall is just around the corner and I wanted to note some of my new favorite autumn essentials. In hopes that it may help you figure out what your fall style will look like.

As you can see, I kept it simple with the classics. A blue denim jacket, and black jeans. But to be honest I’ve been wearing them both all year round.

Fall brings back so many good memories. I don’t know if these memories come from being back at school or maybe even all the family holidays that await. Either way I am excited and cant wait to dive right into the season.

My fashion advice today, wear what you feel comfortable in. Remember wear the clothes, don’t let them wear you.


Over-all Favorite


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As you can probably tell, a new fad of mine has become wearing overalls. Besides the fact that they’re are making a huge comeback in the fashion scene, this style makes it easy for me to just throw something on and go. And these overalls were the perfect fit to take on the day I had. With my day jammed pack with shopping, packing and attending a family reunion I had no problem taking on the day knowing I was well put together.

If you didn’t know the origin of overalls, here is a brief history lesson. The very first bib overalls, often referred to as slops, were created in the 1700s. They were reserved for the working man and were considered a symbol of low class these sorts of overalls were in fact what we would consider trousers or pants. Later, they became emblematic of 1960s’ hippies, college students of the ‘70s, and even hip-hop and other recording artists, who wore them with one shoulder unfastened.

Today even people continue to use the fashion piece for its original purpose, to farm. However becoming prevalent again in the fashion industry, you can see celebrities, super models and your friends styling and wearing the statement piece in their very own way.

My fashion advice today, don’t be afraid to try something out of your norm. Especially if it is something you always wanted to try.


All about that olive


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Olive green is and will forever be my go to color. I am known for black, brown and other simple solid colors however I feel as though olive gives me a chance to step outside of the box of those basic colors. This new trending color makes a statement, which complements just about any skin tone. After seeing these overalls/ dungarees they were a must have for my closet. I paired them with some of my daily essentials, you more than likely will never see me without. White classic converses and my favorite gold watch. I’m obsessed with this watch because I got it at steal and I will tell you how. Groupon, yes Groupon. I found this timeless Invicta watch at a bargain price on the popular deal and coupon app. I also decided to wear a shirt I bought from Urban Outfitters, from my favorite collection of theirs “KOTO.” The KOTO line offers a modern bohemian aesthetic designed for a unique spirit, so go check them out!

If you’re looking for some stellar deals go check out Groupon, and save some money!


Bon voyage: Jonathan McDougle takes Europe


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Going to England was one of the best experiences of my life. I explored so many places and learned so many things in a short time span, which has humbled and gratified me tremendously.

My first destination was London a beautiful city that is similar to the states in many ways but has so much high fashion that places like Charlotte, NC couldn’t compare. London was not all about fashion although that was a highpoint. I learned a lot about the royal family such as places they live and where they quarter their relatives when they come for vacation or for special occasions. I also road on the Tube while in London and it was an entirely new experience for me because I wouldn’t normally ride on public transportation but I LOVED IT!

St. Malo was a beautiful place I visited & the Emerald Coast was one of the most astonishing views of the ocean I have ever seen in my life. My visit to St. Malo was really a relaxed visit I had a tour guide and she took us around the town and told us stories of how the island was governed, protected from enemies and also about very important people of the island such as Surcouf a corsair and explorers such as Duguay-Trouin (1673-1736).

Mont St Michel a fascinating, enigmatic and magnificent medieval abbey perched on a rocky cliff in the middle of a vast bay with and amazing church was such a beautiful place to walk around and was a bit exhausting considering there were over a thousand stairs to climb. But it was all worth it when I saw the beautiful church.

Paris was one of my favorite places and it was the one destination I stayed the longest and It had one of the best hotel locations that I stayed in during the whole entire trip. First and foremost Paris enchanted me the entire time from the structure of the buildings and the monuments and the most famous being the Eiffel Tower I fell completely in love. I visited the Louvre a famous museum which holds artifacts such as the Mona Lisa. I also visited the Pont des Arts Bridge which crosses the Seine River and links the Institut de France and the central square of the palais “du Louvre” now known as the Louvre museum. But basically for those who do not know about the bridge “A couple writes their names on a padlock and locks it onto one of the bridges. They then throw the key into the Seine River as a symbol of their undying love” I bought a padlock and wrote my parent’s names on it and through the key over into the river for them. :)

I don’t want to overload you with so much to read so I will just post pictures to explain the rest.

But to end I would just like to thank all of my family and friends that made this trip possible thank you so much.


Trend Alert: Jonathan McDougle meets Dashiki


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The Dashiki is a colorful garment for both men and women widely worn in Africa that covers the top half of the body. It has formal and informal versions and varies from simple draped clothing to fully tailored suits. A common form is a loose-fitting pullover garment, with an ornate V-shaped collar, and tailored and embroidered neck and sleeve lines.

Thanks to a good friend of mine who’d traveled to Ghana over the summer, I was blessed to get my hands on a Dashiki. And knowing me, I had to test my fashion sense and attempt to make this cultural phenomenon fit my own personal style. I had so much fun wearing this brightly colored tunic and was even happier about all the complements I garnered from it.