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Bon voyage: Jonathan McDougle takes Europe


Fall Outfit: Stan’n Over Leather


jonathanmcdougle10122016-2 jonathanmcdougle10122016-4 jonathanmcdougle10122016-5 jonathanmcdougle10122016-8

What better than wearing a leather jacket and shoes?

Outfit Details
Jacket & Top: 21Men
Pants: The Gap
Sneakers: Adidas
Watch: Michael Kors

Need to leave the house to run an errand or simply need some fresh air? One of my go-to items to help give a simple outfit some edge is a leather jacket. The one I’m wearing here is from Also I complemented the jacket with a pair of leather Stan Smith Adidas. Overall I love this outfit because it was effortless to put together and still allowed me to have a presence while among passersby.

P.S.  I really am happy it is layer season again.

Stay Rad.


Fall Outfit: Denim Craze


jonathanmcdougle10112016-5 jonathanmcdougle10112016-4 jonathanmcdougle10112016-2 jonathanmcdougle10112016jonathanmcdougle10112016-7

Denim on denim… I say yes.

Outfit Details
Top: HM
Jacket: The Gap
Pants: Levis
Sneaker: Puma’s

I’ve always wanted to wear all denim. But I never took the chance to actually attempt to pull it off. My reservations about it came mostly from not wanting to look ‘un-put-together’. However, I will say that I am happy that I finally took that chance and tried. To me this is a perfect fall outfit and I will definitely pull the denim on denim look out again because it’s so easy and minimal.

P.S.  The watch I’m wearing is Invicta; I purchased it off-season at a steal from Groupon.

Stay Rad!


Fall Outfit: Trip To A Pumpkin Patch!

Have you ever thought why we call Pumpkins what they are? Just a thought…

Outfit Details
Top: HM
Pants: The Gap
Watch: Michael Kors
Glasses: Dolce & Gabanna

It’s that time of year again; when you can finally be festive visiting your local pumpkin patch whilst taking mirthful photos holding said pumpkins. But when you go do go make sure you’re visiting with style. On my trip I decided to wear an olive green sweater. If you know me by now you should know that olive green is my go-to favorite color. I complemented the sweater with a tortoise horn watch and a sun shades that put my outfit over the top. I finished the outfit off with a brown fedora hat, and a bunch of orange pumpkins.

P.S.  The hat is vintage. Wish I could tell you where you could get one but I cant.

Stay Rad!


Fall Outfit: Robe’n The Town


mcdougle1092016-4 mcdougle1092016-5 mcdougle1092016-6

Fall is officially here and I could not be more excited to be able to comfortably wear layers again.

Outfit Details
Top: 21Men
Pants: The Gap
Sandals: Birkenstock’s
Shirt: PacSun

Wearing layers in the Fall is my utmost favorite thing because to me it is what fashion is all about. Layers allow me to take risk and really showcase my sense of style. Although I do consider myself a minimalist, I love to step out in a simple outfit. But I cant lie and say my closet isn’t filled with clothes that look amazing together. Everyone knows cardigans are my go to item and I couldn’t help but by this over-sized cardigan to complement my closet.  To complete the outfit I decided to wear my Birkenstock’s because although it is officially Fall, their is a bit of warm weather lingering.

P.S.  This over-sized T-shirt fit so well with my outfit and made me feel extra comfy.

I hope you enjoyed your Sunday. #FunDaySunday

Feel Good Friday Playlist



“Inspired by a combination of my love for music and connection with artistic expression. Brings a collection of various artist and songs that will leave space for the listener to interpret and reflect. I enjoy songs that aren’t overpowering; allowing me to form personal opinions of what the artist means with their lyrics. With the knowledge and passion to play and create music myself, I can appreciate when an artist takes the time to think outside the box with their lyrics or song composition. I hope you enjoy listening to my playlist, and interpret the lyrics in your own way.” – Christopher Ludaway

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“Positive anything is better than negative nothing.”

~Elbert Hubbard




Feel Good Friday Playlist



“Finding myself surrounded by globetrotters, including you Jonathan is very inspiring. I wanted to curate a mix with you all in mind this summer. Whether you’re traveling to meet new friends, create memories, handle business or just for the sake of it this playlist is for you.” –SativaSlcts xo

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“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”

~ Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.





Everyone Loves Diamonds


Jonathan050916-13 Jonathan050916-8 Jonathan050916-14Jonathan050916-5 Jonathan050916-17 Jonathan050916-20Jonathan050916-16

Sensible fashion is my favorite, and of course this has been a poor secret of mine that I have spoken frequently. I enjoy feeling comfortable throughout the day all while simultaneously feeling proud about what I decided to wear on that said day.

However, with all of that said some people find it hard to believe you can avoid compromising your fashion sense while dressing practical.

What I enjoy most about sensible fashion is that although the idea of it is to be practical, it does not restrict you from expressing who you are in the form of what you wear. An example of how you can still honor your fashion sense while staying committed to being comfortable would be similar to the pants I’m wearing. This fun diamond print allows me to bring character to my entire outfit, all while sporting an every day wear and comfortable pant. To complement these pants I paired them with a white essential long sleeve shirt and a black leather jacket, and let’s not forget the famous white Converse All Stars.

My fashion advice for today is to simply take a risk, you may enjoy what comes from it.

Let me know below how you tackle dressing sensible all while honoring your personal and unique style.




JonathanMcDougle012416-2 JonathanMcDougle012416-3 JonathanMcDougle012416-4 JonathanMcDougle012416-5

I hope you all wont get tired of me wearing Olive. However, the truth on the matter is “a:Luv.e” it! I also love this blue button up I’ve had for some time now. But haven’t really found an urge to wear it, until now.